Literacy Friday writing.

imageimageimageimageimageNEWS REPORT!
We found 7 fish sauce containers.
We found 81 single use plastic.
We found 22 plastic zip lock bags.
We found 29 pieces of paper.
We found 79 pieces of general rubbish.

In total we found 218 pieces of rubbish
On the 20th of November the Friday writing group went outside and had 5 minutes to find as much rubbish as we could. We went outside to pick up rubbish around the 5/6 building. After the 5 minutes was over, we tipped the rubbish on a tarp. This is what we found….
We found 7 fish sauce containers from sushi day
81 single use plastic that kids have dropped at recess and lunch
22 zip lock bags that children could of reused but through them on the ground
29 pieces of paper that people had dropped and didn’t bother to pick it up
79 in general pieces of rubbish that people have dropped
We added it up in total and the total was 218 pieces of rubbish.
This is bad how kids don’t put their rubbish in the bin or they shouldn’t even take rubbish to school.
When you go to the shops and you want to buy some shapes or popcorn for your kids,please don’t get the shapes or popcorn with the 10 little packages. Buy the big box with 1 plastic package on the inside, then you can recycle the cardboard box. Please make better choices at the supermarket when you’re shopping.
By Millie and Tianni, Year 6.

R.E: St France’s xavier cabrini.

St. Frances

Birth: July the 15th 1850.
Death: 22ed of December 1917.

Canonised: She was canonised in 1946.

Feast day: her feast day was November 13th.

When they became a saint:
She became a saint in 1946 by Pope Pius X11.

Why they became a saint:
She became a saint by one day a priest asked her to teach in a girls school and she stayed for six years. At the bishop, she founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart to care for poor children in schools and hospitals.image

Big idea reflection

Big idea reflection.

I think my sharing session was good because I think I presentation well, spoke clearly and had lots of information. I think I could improve on being more organised next time and not leave it to the last minute. I think I did pretty well presenting. What went well was that I know my words well and didn’t stop on any words. I could improve on how I explained things and having more information. The most interesting thing I learnt from my research was 27,000 people died in Australia and 23,000 were injured. I didn’t quite use my time wisely at the start but at the end I did also I did leave it to the last minute.

Hayley and Genevieve’s presentation:

There presentation was about historical events. The most interesting part about there presentation without Australia’s there would not be proof that men walked on the moon. 2014 this year marks the 100th year of World War One. I liked it because they had really interesting facts and they spoke loudly. The only things that was bad about the presentation was that whenever I wanted to write down a fact Genevieve would always get a bit angry and they would always complain.


Cotton on foundation

1.Why do/did they do what they do?

Cotton on foundation do what they do because:

The money they raise goes towards the medical coasts for the people in the village and also goes towards schooling for children. This foundation has built schools for the people of Uganda. The children now go to school with school books and uniforms, before the foundation was helping them the children only had newspaper to write on. The medical centres helps new mums to look after their babies and keep them immunised.

2.Why are they good role models of people who take their vocation seriously.

They are good role models as they are sporting people from anther country in helping them to better their lives with general living especially in their health and schooling.

3.What gifts and fruits of the holy spirit do they show? Why/how

This foundation shows the fruits in kindness and generosity as they are helping people in need by giving them money, schooling items and medicines they need

This foundation shows the gifts in understanding as they understand what the Uganda people are in desperate need of and can help them.

4.Is there any other information you would like to add?

I found this extra information very interesting and wanted to share it with you. The charity items they sell are bottles of water,bracelets,bags,mints and tissues. 100% of the proceeds go to the foundation and for example one bottle of water you can buy from any cotton on store is $2:00 and that will immunise two children from Uganda for a year and give them 2 weeks of food.

Dog debate

Dogs are like young children if you keep them in a house all day they can cause trouble like ripping your carpet and blinds and other household objects.

They should have beaches for people that don’t like dogs and responsible Owners & should pick up there dogs mess.

Tourist are the main problem to dogs on beaches they can complained to the surf coast shire that dogs do this and dogs do that they and also need to run around.

Dogs are born to work for a living.

Problems that results from lack of exercise and chewing, digging, bad behaviours and biting things.

100+ word challenge (Mrs Todd)

Words that have to use in the story Afraid, annoyed, disco, school,Embarrsed and cheerful

“Come on you’re going to be late for school.”

As my mum rushed out the door late for work, I slowly fell back asleep. I was starting to remember that the year 6 disco was today. I rushed out of bed and out the door. I got onto the big Orange bus, and staright away my teacher made me sit with a boy so I was annoyed. We were finally at the disco. We got inside and straight away my friend Emily made me dance with a boy on the first song. I was both afraid and embarrsed. After the dance I was pround of myself.

Organ donation

What do you think of the Organ donation ?

Sad because when he was a baby he was diconosed with CS it effects the lungs and guts. I think the person how donation the lungs cared for Coen very much

How would you feel if you were in the same position as Coen ?

I would feel sad because it was a sad and deverstating thing to happen and was in hospital about half his life.

Do your think Organ donation is compolusory and why ?

I do not know because people do not have to.

About Me

My name is Millie,

I have one sister and one brother, my brother is named Harry and my sister is named Meg.

I have 10 horses, four fishes and two bunnies.

My bunny is Hunter and the other one is named Patchy.

My fishes are named Bubbles, Herbie, Prince and Smoke.

My horses are named Niro, Eddy, Hollie, Carlo,Honey,Jackson,Smokie,Brownie,Caper and Boss.

My family is a five family my dad , my Brother, my Sister, my Mum and me.